Slidecam V ( 600,800,1000,1200 )

The Varavon Slidecam V series Camera Slider ranges from 1.97 ft long to 3.94 ft long and features three ball bearing sliding rollers. The slider track incorporates three sets of...
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The Varavon Slidecam V series Camera Slider ranges from 1.97 ft long to 3.94 ft long and features three ball bearing sliding rollers. The slider track incorporates three sets of 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting holes, allowing you to support it in the center or at both ends. Two removable height adjustable legs are also included for using the slider on the ground. The legs provide height adjustment for leveling, and are articulated, allowing you to adjust them for rough surfaces.

The slider weighs under 5 lbs (600 model) and supports up to 44 lbs of weight, The slider carriage features a 3/8"-16 threaded mounting screw with a large thumb wheel to tighten down available flat base heads. It features a friction break mechanism that can apply tension, or lock the carriage in place along the rails. The carriage incorporates a built-in bubble level that allows you to confirm the level of the track. The track is pre-indexed so you can measure and repeat your move precisely. The included oil seal is used to clean and oil the chrome plated track, and you can use the included carry case for transport of storage.

  • The slider platform rides on three wheels with sealed bearings, and it is captive in the track bed. This allows you to flip the track over and get that inverted shot, without worrying that the carriage will fall off the tracks.
  • The end caps of the track feature 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting holes that allow you to mount the included articulating feet, or other available accessories.
  • The 6mm diameter rails are chrome coated to protect them from rust and corrosion.
  • The track is light and strong, featuring machined holes that relieve excess weight, and provide additional strength.
  • The track comes inscribed with a graduated ruler, so you can mark your moves and make them repeatable.
  • The feet are removable and attach to the track using a large easy to use spin wheel.
  • The removable feet feature two points of articulation providing 180° of horizontal position adjustment, and 90° of vertical adjustment.






Main Features of the Block Head


3 Roller Bearings
Strong and durable, the 3 roller bearings provide a smooth moving shot.
3/8 inch mount
Finger wheel provides quick attachment and seperation.
Block Stopper
The block stopper provides strong braking action without any sliding.
Bubble Level
Built in level provides visual reference to level the slider.


Main Features of the Rail Shaft


Chrome Coated Shaft
The precision ground shaft is chrome coated to prevent rust and corrosion.
Several mounting holes on slider
Several 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes are located on the slider providing many mounting options.
Oil Seal
The oil seal easily slides the length of the slider to clean the rails.
Graduated Marks
The graduated marks on the top of the slider provide reference for repeatable precision.


Main Features of the Slidecam Legs




Folding Legs
There are two joints on each folding leg that greatly assist in setting the slider up on both level and uneven surfaces.
Finger Knob
The finger knob provides an easy connection between the slider base and the legs.
Height Adjustment
The legs can be individually adjusted for height.
The included pouch provide a convenient way to store the legs when they are not in use.


Main Features of the Slidecam Bag



Dual Access
The bag has both top and end zipper providing for easy access.
The included strap is adjustable for length.



Optional Motorroid




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Whats Included








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