Varavon Zeus Cage Unboxing Video By MrCheesycam

  • Post by  Varavon Sep 25, 2015

MrCheesycam, shot a unique unboxing video of the Zeus cage that was shot in one take and has an effect were the speed ramps up, then slows down drastically. It's definitely an interesting spin on an unboxing video.

 The Zeus Cage is a must have accessory for your Sony A7RII, A7SII and A7II. It fits snug with the body and it's covered with multiple mounting points to add  all types of accessories. The modular handles for the Zeus cage allows the shooter to position the handle in 90º increments. The premium version of the Zeus Cage comes with two handles, which make "run and gun" filming a breeze when you are out on the field.


For more information on the Varavon Zeus Cage click below.