BirdyCam 2 Review By Suggestion Of Motion

  • Post by  Varavon May 19, 2015

Recently Suggestion of Motion gave their review and impression of our BirdyCam 2. They created a 2 part thorough review of our BirdyCam 2 with the first part consisting of various features that the BirdyCam offers along with functionality and the second part consists of the setup for using the gimbal and performance.

We have spent much time on the design of the BirdyCam 2, fine tuning every aspect creating a high build quality product. Suggest of Motion gives a great break down of all the features our BirdyCam 2 has to offer but here were their final thoughts on their part 1 of the review:

Varavon sure packed a lot of features and functionality into the Birdycam 2. For about $2K, you get a well-built 3-axis gimbal with a smart design and a weight capacity that can handle most setups when shooting with cameras like the Panasonic GH4, Sony a7S, and Canon 5D MKIII.

On top of that, the Birdycam 2 also includes ample mounting points for your accessories, Bluetooth connectivity, and a joystick. These are often add-ons for other gimbals that can quickly inflate a gimbal’s total cost, so it’s nice to see Varavon make the Birdycam 2 all-inclusive.

In terms of features and functionality, the Birdycam 2 packs quite a punch.

Nonetheless, smooth footage is what matters most at the end of the day, so part two of this review will cover the Birdycam 2’s usability and performance. Sign up below to be notified automatically when the next part of this review is released.

Along with the build quality, the performance of our gimbal is equally if not even more important in the development of our BirdyCam 2. With our solid stand and completely tool-less gimbal, you are able to balance your gimbal with ease. Without all the alley keys and small screws you are able to easily make micro-adjustments to make sure your camera is perfectly balance on the gimbal before firing it up.

Here are some final thoughts from Suggestion of Motion on our BirdyCam 2's setup and performance:

In part one, we found the Birdycam 2 to be thoughtfully designed and packed with useful features. In part two, we are happy to find that these features do not come at the cost of reduced performance.

Thanks to smooth micro-adjustment controls and independent locks on each axis, the Birdycam 2 is easy to balance without tools or drama.

Setting up the Birdycam 2 is equally easy– connect two cables and you’re ready to go.

In fact, tuning the Birdycam 2’s profiles is probably the only complicated thing about this gimbal. The learning curve is high, but once you’re familiar with the SimpleBGC GUI software, you can really dial in the Birdycam 2’s behavior to suite your needs.

All in all, Varavon’s Birdycam 2 gimbal hits the sweet spot of being easy to use, providing solid performance, and delivering smooth footage. It is a strong contender if you are shooting with lightweight cameras like the Panasonic GH4 and Sony a7S and need a gimbal that can pack down into a small space for traveling, etc.

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