Varavon Slidecam Lite 800 Used in skiing video!

  • Post by  Varavon Mar 16, 2015

Vimeo user, Chief Media, published this beautifully shot skiing video using a Panasonic GH-4, Panasonic GH-3 and one of our Slidecam Lite sliders.

Chief Media - Mr. Stoker from Chief Media on Vimeo.

All of the Slidecam Lite sliders are based around a 3 roller bearing camera carriage that will give the shooter an incredibly smooth slide. The chrome coated shafts that are on the inner walls of the slider is coated, so that it prevents rust and corrosion. Attaching feet to the sliders is incredibly easy and requires no tools whatsoever. Each leg on the feet are adjustable and can give you a little bit of height and some balance if you are on an uneven surface.

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