Birdycam 2 Used For Skiing Video Shoot

  • Post by  Varavon Dec 11, 2014

Have a look at this short skiing video called "Project Urban" by Vimeo user Modern Crew. In the video, they use a Varavon Birdycam 2 and a Flycam 5000.

Project Urban Part-01 from MODERN CREW on Vimeo.


The Birdycam 2 weighs about 2.82kg(6.2lbs) and can hold cameras like the Sony A7S or bigger cameras like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The I FLIGHT gimbal motors (PITCH,5208 ROLL & YAW 6208) combined with the ALEXMOS 32-bit board makes the Birdycam 2 incredibly steady for any crazy movement shots you might need.


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