Detailed 9 Part Birdycam 2 Review By Kevin Conder

  • Post by  Varavon Dec 03, 2014

Vimeo user Kevin Conder, did a very detailed 9 part video review on the Birdycam 2 gimbal. He literally goes from beginning to end on what you need to know about the Birdycam 2 and even takes it out on a few test runs. 

Check out part 1 "Introduction and Overview" below.


Be sure to check out all 9 videos here -

Part 1: Introduction and Overview

Part 2: Balancing

Part 3: Useage

Part 4: Life on the PID - Computer

Part 5: Birdy-PID and Control By Phone

Part 6: Birdy on steadicam

Part 7: Test track

Part 8: GH2 BMCC tests

Part 9: Verdict



Click below for more information on the Birdycam 2.



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